Rules for the Turf

You are REQUIRED TO FOLLOW THESE RULES when using the turf fields.  If you do not follow the rules, you may be subject to a summons from the township and you will lose your privileges to use the park for practice AND games.

Rules for the turf fields which were set by the Township of Jackson and agreement by the JS Club:
A)    Players, Refs, and Coaches ONLY on the Fields. Spectators remain in the stands and outside the fence.
B)    Players and coaches are only permitted to drink water in the field areas (inside the fence). No Gatorade, coffee, etc. It will stain the turf and requires expensive work to clean it.
C)   No chewing gum.
D)   No pre-game, mid-game, or after game snacks like oranges, fruit, etc. on the fields.
E)    No Smoking or other tobacco products on or near the field areas.
F)    No garbage left behind. What you take in, you take out. It is your responsibility to keep the fields clean and ready for use by the next team. If you see someone littering or leaving their waste behind, tell them about it.
G)   Do not let players or adults jump the fences to enter the fields or chase balls.  Use the gates. 
H)  No dogs allowed.
Have extra balls for your games. You will need them to prevent delays in the game.
The town will install surveillance cameras in the near future. Until then the fields will be locked when not in use.
Anyone using the fields without a permit, or doing things they shouldn’t be, will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.
Travel Practice Schedules for Justice Complex

Practice Schedules are set up by day of the week, based on your requests and field availability.  You will need to search for your team’s name and find the field you are playing on.

Please refer to the Travel link for the latest schedule.

General rules about the schedule:

1)  The club will not manage day to day changes in practice schedules.  Thh time slot and field you are assigned is when and where you have the time to practice.

2)  If you need to change for any particular week or cannot make that day/time, you will need to move your practice somewhere else.  You cannot assume the other fields will be available.
3)  The schedule is set and has been given to the township.  No one can change the schedule on your own or just show up and practice.  You could recieve a summons and fine from the township if you are there and you are not supposed to be.

4) You should practice on the grass at another park for all other sessions.  Fields 3 and 4 are in bad shape and we need them for Micro-Soccer and OC Rec on the weekends.

5)  If you have a trainer and you want to train on the turf, let the Commissioner know.  We will give priority to training on the turf since you need a regular schedule for trainers.

6)  We can accommodate some scrimmages each week.  They need to be scheduled through the Commissioner for now.

7)  The club may need to cancel your session due to other use of the fields, i.e. Lacrosse, Makeup games, etc.  If the club needs to use the field on the day/time you are scheduled, we will re-schedule a session for you in that week.

The turf fields will be used for Rec and Travel games on Saturdays and Sundays.  The games schedules will be set up so that you play games on the grass at Patriots and on the turf at Justice.
Field Diagram for Justice Complex

Turf Fields are Broken into 4 quadrants ( A, B, C, D) for Individual Team Training Sessions
Group Training Sessions use full field.
Small-Sided Games use 1/2 field (cross-ways)
Large-Sided Games use full field
Field 1 is the old Soccer Field
Field 2 is the old Footbal Field

Soccer Field Diagram  pdf file

Saturday and Sunday Schedule
The turf fields will be used for Recreational and Travel Games on Saturdays and Sundays.  There are no practice or training sessions on these days at Justice.

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