Scheduling of Work Assignments

Please go to to choose a shift to fulfill your work assignment. 

The following are the rules that each workbond assignment form has listed and that each workbond is subject to:

1.  I agree to appear at time and place designated on this form.  If I fail to appear, I understand that my work bond will be forfeited and will be cashed by the Jackson Soccer Club (JSC).  Failure to appear within 15 minutes of the assigned time is cause for forfeiture of the work bond.  

2.  The JSC will attempt to post assignments on the club web site ( The club takes no responsibility to inform/remind you as to your assigned time other than this form and the web site.  Information not posted on the website does not indicate that you are relieved of your work obligation.  The website is only for information purposes if and when posted.   

3.  If no specific time is indicated on this form (or if you have selected Registration, Fund Raising, Trophies or Administrative Support), you will be notified as to your assignment when those assignments have been scheduled.  

4.  If for any reason the JSC is unable to cash the work bond check, I understand that my child (children) will be ineligible to participate in any future Jackson Soccer Club activities, until such time as the work bond and any associated bank fees/penalties are paid in full.  

5.  I understand that if for any reason I am unable to perform my assignment, then it is my responsibility to find a replacement (over the age of 18) or forfeit the work bond.  The name of the replacement must be furnished to the JSC in advance.  

6.  If the work bond assignment is cancelled by the JSC (i.e., field closings, inclement weather, and change of activity date) your assignment will be rescheduled. Announcement to this effect will be posted on the web site.  

7.  I understand that workbond assignments will be scheduled and updated through email.  If I do not provide an email address, I understand that I will be scheduled at the discretion of the Jackson Soccer Club.  Questions regarding workbond can be sent to the JSC registrar.  

8.  I understand that only upon completion/release of my work bond assignment shall the work bond check be destroyed or returned to me. 

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